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Lincoln Centers Sparkling New Jewels.

In the midst of the Lincoln Center’s rebirth with the most sparkling new jewels. I came to Lincoln Center not sure what to expect but I was up to enter. I was greeted by a barrage of experiences.

At one moment I felt a whirlpool of everything all at once. I was not sure how I would fit in. But as we navigated our way to what seemed tucked away into a garage sat the speakeasy of expression.

Simple set up with a stage DJ & seating. Transformed by light. At 7 pm the doors opened & like morning glory magic the crowd of wizards & expressionists finished the magic ingredients. I had heard about Mahogany from many sources her work is amazing. But I instantly fell in love with her open welcome freeness.

But when she opened the show of poetry Magic, she cast a spell that just rolled brim one performer to the next. With a list that read @porshaolayiwola @carvenslissaint @ajamonet from many parts of this Afro collage.

This is what I needed, a lift in my spirit, the awakening of some cries of my soul, a musical & flow journey in expression.

What I thought was going to be interesting, turned out to be just the thing I was missing.

So I speak loudly. This was magical.

Republished from 6/22

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Feb 21
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I was there. It was a great show, nice cover.

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