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Do You Have a Story to Tell?

Updated: Jan 7 will release weekly call-to-actions for stories based on community feedback and specific themes we're interested in exploring.

If you are responding to a call to action, please send a brief summary of what you would like to write about and your bio in the email with as much detail as possible.

If we are interested in your story, and we think it will be a great fit for the magazine, one of our editors will reach out to you

Call-to-action submissions are not paid, It is for exposure. If this is your first time submitting to,

please keep the following in mind:

We prefer full drafts on the first pitch so we can get an idea of your writing style and ability to build a great narrative for our readers.

Keep it light! Even when the topic is heavy, we want to see the inspirational takeaway.

A sweet spot for the length must be between 400–600 words for editorial pitches and 600–900 words for a chapter series or entertainment article.

All review videos, TikToks and Music videos are welcome with summary and links.

We require the first piece from writers to be on a trial basis!

We would love to see how well your writing will do with our audience. Before we bring you on as a contributor writer, we must test the waters.

Complete the survey and send your submission(s) to

Put your proposed title in the subject line — keep it snappy and make sure it is eye catching.

We read over 100 articles a week, so we really want your article to pop.

Browse through our content on the site to get an idea of what we are looking for.

Please include samples or link trees with your work, it will better your chances of becoming a contributing writer.

We would love to see your versatility. Good luck and I can't wait to read your first article!

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