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What Happens When There is NO Closure?

When someone is not honest with you or can not just come out and say can be quite annoying. It's fun to watch if you're anything like me. You get to see how that person handles life. It is important to that person to duck and dodge those waiting for answers. I've been told that I am a straight shooter and I can recognize immediately when someone is avoiding their responsibilities.

Avoiding closure usually does not help all involved in their business and personal lives. Closure helps both people to move on comfortably and ultimately find a situation that will benefit both of your lives.

Unfortunately everyone is not like you. Kindhearted, loyal or just a cool human being.

But if there are no answers or closure sometimes you are left hanging in the wind. Those moments are special. Special because you are forced to make the decision FOR that person and that not only shows maturity it shows responsibility on your end. It also reveals that that person may not have been the person for the assignment in the first place. 😅

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14 mars 2022

THIS. 🙌🏾

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